Town of Glen St. Mary 

Florida's Outstanding Rural Community of the Year-2004

January 15, 2013

The Town of Glen St. Mary held the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Members Davis, Foster, Reneau, and Rhynehardt present.  Mayor Juanice Padgett presided over the meeting and Council Member Davis opened the meeting with prayer followed by the flag salute.

Minutes:  Consideration – Approval of minutes of December 18, 2012 – Regular Monthly Meeting:  On a motion by Councilman Reneau, second by Councilman Rhynehardt, the Board voted to approve the minutes as presented. (Vote 5-0)

Policy Agenda Items:

A)    Discussion on ATM – Mayor Padgett asked Council if everyone has reviewed the Letter of Intent.  She asked if anyone had a problem.  Councilman Foster asked if the Town went ahead with this but then decided to build more commercial, would this hinder future growth?  Mayor Padgett responded it should not.  Councilman Reneau asked about it possibly affecting any underground utilities.  Mayor Padgett pointed out the ATM would be located on Lots 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Block 23.  It was suggested that Section 4.1 Infrastructure Requirements needs to be reworded or re-sequenced.  A Letter of Intent allows the project to go forward.  The Town could add a subsection regarding a measure of risk where the Town will have to decide whether to do the project or not if the costs are higher than $15,000.  Attorney Foreman told Council once the Letter of Intent was signed, it would then merge into the Lease Agreement.  Both parties would go by the Lease Agreement from that point.  Mayor Padgett told Council Vystar has not signed and tendered their Letter of Intent, but they prepared the document.  Attorney Foreman reassured Council, if after the agreement is signed and the Town finds it will cost $25,000, the Town can say no we are not going to do the project.  Mayor Padgett suggested with the $15,000 Vystar is going to pay up front, what if we spread it out over several years.  Attorney Foreman suggested with Capital Improvements to spread it out over the full fifteen years.  Mayor Padgett took a few minutes to update Mr. Foster on the previous monthly meeting when the different types of light poles were addressed.  Councilman Reneau feels the paving can be done for less than $10,000.  Councilman Foster told Council the drainage issue has to be addressed.  The Land Use and Zoning Change needs to be addressed.  The right-of-way is thirty-three feet from the center of the road.  The Town’s Planner, Mr. Tony Robbins suggests submitting a PUD (Planned Unit Development) and get a ten feet setback rather than the current twenty-five foot.  Mayor Padgett asked if Council had any problems with these suggestions.  Council was okay with these suggestions.  The agreement will need to be reworded to spread the $15,000 over fifteen years and have the maximum costs incurred to not exceed $15,000.  We will not give the $15,000 back if they pull out early.  Mayor Padgett asked if Council agree with the changes or need to see the documents again.  Attorney Foreman replied not if Vystar approves of the changes.  On a motion by Councilman Rhynehardt, second by Councilman Davis, the Board voted to approve the Letter of Intent with the agreed changes. (Vote 5-0)  Mayor Padgett told Council if Vystar signs the Letter of Intent, she will get the specs and bid out for the electrical and paving.

B)    Report from Code Enforcement Officer. – Code Enforcement Officer, Donna Loadholtz told Council she had been told of a trailer needing to be moved from the Town’s right-of-way.  She contacted the sheriff’s office to locate and notify the owner, who later called to complain about having a deputy come to his door to ask him to remove the trailer.  She has several other properties that will require letters to be sent, but she has not had time to address them.

C)    Review Prior Month’s Expenditures (Check Register). – Council had no questions about the prior month’s expenditures.

Councilman Foster asked about the agreement made with the Country Federal Credit Union when they moved into the Town.  He was under the impression they had a certain amount of time to build a structure and replace the mobile home.  Councilman Reneau added it was about the same time the Town was working on the Envision Glen Project.  Mayor Padgett will look and try to see if there was a stipulation to replace included.  Councilman Foster also asked whether the rental business located at the old Country Federal Credit Union location is required to install a fence around it.  Councilman Reneau replied it would not do any good.

On a motion by Council member Davis the Town meeting was adjourned at 7:28 P.M.

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