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July 29, 2013 - Workshop

The Town of Glen St. Mary held a Workshop on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 5:57 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Members Davis and Rhynehardt present.  Mayor Padgett presided over the workshop. 

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the budgets.  She explained there would be a proposed amended budget for the current year and then a proposed budget for the upcoming year.

Mayor Padgett began with the proposed amended Capacity Fee Budget for 2012/2013.  There was more activity this year than had been anticipated.  Dollar General built a new store.  We also had two new water connections and four new sewer connections in the residential classification.

The Proposed Capacity Fee Budget for 2013/2014 is based on two new homes and Davis Travel Center connecting to our system. 

Mayor Padgett then addressed the Proposed Amended Impact Fee Budget for 2012/2013.  The Town has only had one new home built this year that was not a replacement home.  The Proposed Impact Fee Budget for 2013/2014 is based on two new homes.

The Proposed Amended General Operating Budget for 2012/2013 reflects an increase in revenues.  Mayor Padgett explained we used a tool from the Department of Revenue’s website to figure revenues.  Mayor Padgett touched on a few expenses including the Retirement rate increase.  Personal Services was increased due to vacation time being paid out in lieu of taking time off.  Other Executive expenses included air conditioner repairs, ads for the new ATM, a new minute book, computer software, and a new computer after the hard drive crashed.  Financial and Administrative increased this year because we had Lyons & Lyons prepare all the W-2’s along with the 1099’s they already prepare for us.  Other Government – Personal Services was increased partly from vacation time being paid out in lieu of taking time vacation and also from an increase in hours worked by the new maintenance employee.  Other expense increases within the Other General Government include a miscalculation for the insurance.  We received a rebate last year that we have not gotten this year.  Repairs and Maintenance includes purchasing bags of asphalt for road repairs, re-doing the main office restroom, as well as some water/sewer expenses that were paid out of this account.  Other Current Charges reflects a savings from maintenance building a platform for the backhoe to put up and take down the Christmas decorations saving the Town the expense of renting a lift twice a year.  The Town owes for Local Options Gas Tax payments from 2004/2005 that was not paid, but the Town is making strides to get this expense paid.  The Town had no need to order mosquito supplies.  This left us under budget by a small margin.

Mayor Padgett told Council she has spoken with the employees and they are in agreement the Town needs to run on 90% of the revenue.  That would leave 10% to put aside for paving or other upcoming expenses.  The Council has already discussed in prior years to keep one year of revenue in reserves.  Mayor Padgett and the town employees have looked at and discussed ways to save including cutting the Council from the Florida Retirement System, but Mayor Padgett’s understanding is that all have to be in or out.  Mayor Padgett also added this is one of the few benefits to the Town employees.  One of the employees suggested not putting out Christmas decorations.  Another suggestion was to cut back on or stop picking up limbs. It is at a cost of about $100 a week to pick up limbs around Town.

The Proposed General Operating Budget for 2013/2014 is based on the current income figures and current expenses minus the extraordinary expenses of the current year.  This includes retirement increases, increase in maintenance hours, and the Town should finish paying the 2004/2005 Local Options Gas Tax during the 2013/2014 budget year.

She then gave several alternative budget options to look at including cutting two maintenance employees by one hour a day (Alt 6).  This would bring a savings of $7,693.  Another option includes paying ten hours of maintenance payroll out of the Water/Sewer account (10 W/S).  This would cover the savings we will have once maintenance employee Matt Torgerson gets his water license and the Town no longer has to pay Richard Harris from the City of Macclenny.  Or the last option given combines both of these options into one budget to cut two maintenance employees by one hour a day and pay ten hours of maintenance payroll out of the Water/Sewer account (10 W/S+6 Hrs).  We have been covering the Water/Sewer account up until this year.

Mayor Padgett explained the $45,552 on the original proposed 2013/2014 budget comes from Darwin Taylor going to three days a week this past year and Matt Torgerson working the other two days.  Matt has been getting things caught up and has helped find ways to save on other projects.  Councilman Rhynehardt asked if the Town needs three maintenance employees.  He also asked if the Town needs maintenance working 74 hours per week.  This posed a question of whether they are working or slacking.

Council agreed the ten hours should come from the Water/Sewer account.  Council also liked the idea of cutting maintenance hours, but asked if maintenance would still be able to pick up limbs.  They asked if the Town could designate days for pickup.  Council was in agreement to make the cuts and keep a watch on the expense of picking up limbs around Town.  Mayor Padgett asked Council to think about the Town’s options for picking up limbs before the next budget workshop.  Should the Town only pick up storm debris or possible hire it out for cleanup, or do the residents need to haul it off themselves.

Councilman Reneau came in at 7:00 PM.  Mayor Padgett briefed him on the budget discussions.  The Water/Sewer budget still needs to be looked at.  The Town will need to pay to have engineering done for another Readiness to Proceed in order to get a new grant.

Council set the next budget workshop for August 12, 2013 at 6:30 PM.

The workshop was adjourned at 7:15 P.M.

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