Town of Glen St. Mary 

Florida's Outstanding Rural Community of the Year-2004

December 15, 2015

The Town of Glen St. Mary held the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Member Davis, Councilman Foster, Council Member Hodges, and Councilman Rhynehardt present. Mayor Juanice Padgett presided over the meeting. Council Member Davis opened with prayer followed by the flag salute.


Note: These meeting minutes are a summarized version of the actual discussions at the meeting. These are not verbatim transcripts. For a complete audio recording of the discussion please contact Donna Loadholtz at


Minutes: Consideration – Approval of minutes of November 17, 2015 – Regular Monthly Meeting and November 17, 2015 – Workshop: On a motion by Councilman Rhynehardt, second by Councilman Foster, the Board voted to approve both sets of minutes as presented. (Vote 5-0)


Policy Agenda Items:

    1. Discussion on Sanitary and Public Nuisance Ordinance. – Mayor Padgett told Council Mr. Casey Davis came in to see her and said he is not boiling the skulls on the property any longer, he’s going to get rid of the dumpster. He is going to spray for flies monthly. He is going to freeze the carcasses until he gets rid of them. He said if there is a smell, to give him a couple of weeks to clean up. She told him she appreciated it, but Council was going ahead with the Ordinance not because of him, but for future problems with other places in Town. Mayor Padgett then turned the meeting over to Attorney Bense. Mayor Padgett told Council that Attorney Bense had just that afternoon sent a new copy of the Ordinance to our office with a change to Section 4, Item d, which specifically relates to notice and to be heard before imposing fines. The Town already had a nuisance ordinance, but it did not address flies, mosquitoes, hazardous materials, etc. This is filling in some of the gaps of the other ordinances. Code Enforcement was set up in 2008, which is referenced in Section D of the new Ordinance. Attorney Bense explained how this Ordinance can be enforced by the code enforcement officer or the Town can get assistance from the Sheriff’s office for citations. The Town can also charge for cleaning up properties when the owners have not abided by requests for cleanup. Mayor Padgett asked if there were any questions or comments. Councilman Rhynehardt questioned the seventy-two hour request for cleanup of a property. Attorney Bense responded that the Statutes allow thirty days for buildings, but that is a different situation. We would be dealing with a hazardous condition where seventy-two hours would be a reasonable amount of time to allow them to clean up before the Town would step in to do the cleanup. Council Member Amanda Hodges stated she believes the Health Inspector allows seventy-two hours. Councilman Foster confirmed it is seventy-two hours. Attorney Bense told Council some of the language is taken directly from the Department of Health regulations. The Town will now be able to establish there is a problem without having to wait for another agency to come in to check. The whole framework of public nuisance would be addressed with one ordinance, but since the Town already has an ordinance for buildings, it would be quite expensive to draw them all up into one complete ordinance, so this the most efficient and cost effective way to go. Mayor Padgett told Council there would have to be two public hearings. She asked Council if they were ready to move forward with the Ordinance.   Since they were, she told them she would advertise for the ordinance to be read in January and February for approval.

    2. Vote on Employment Contract with Fred Bennett for Street Construction and Repaving Inspection Services. – Mayor Padgett told Council she used the same contract the County has with Mr. Bennett. He would be here when the project is underway at $20 per hour for forty hours per week to make sure the asphalt work is being done to our specifications. On a motion by Councilman Foster, second by Council Member Davis, the Board voted to approve the employment contract with Fred Bennett for street construction and repaving inspection services. (Vote 5-0)

    3. Vote to Adopt Resolution Number 2015-03 – A Resolution of the Town Council of The Town of Glen St. Mary Setting Water and Wastewater Rates. – Mayor Padgett told Council the current Resolution was dated for 2014/2015. Resolution 2015-03 is open ended until the rates are changed. On a motion by Councilman Rhynehardt, second by Councilman Foster, the Board voted to adopt Resolution 2015-03 as presented. (Vote 5-0)

    4. Public Comments on any Subject not on the Agenda. – Mr. Ronnie Kirkland told Council he appreciates what they are doing. He appreciates their willingness to devote their time. Council has been extremely helpful with some of his matters he has had within the Town.

    5. Review Prior Month’s Expenditures (Check Register) – Council had no questions about the prior month’s expenditures.


      On a motion by Councilman Rhynehardt, second by Council Member Davis, the Town meeting was adjourned at 7:20 P.M.

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