Town of Glen St. Mary 

Florida's Outstanding Rural Community of the Year-2004

October 20, 2015 - Workshop

The Town of Glen St. Mary held a workshop on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 7:11 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Members Davis and Hodges present.  Mayor Juanice Padgett presided over the workshop. 


The purpose of the workshop was to go through the Council’s Preparing for Our Future notebooks and bringing new Council Member Amanda Hodges up to speed.


Utility Master Plan section contains a map showing the services areas added with the last grant as well as a narrative of the project.  The Utility Master Plan sheet briefly explains the Town’s plans back in 2006.  Worksheet explaining an I-10 Interstate Node workshop.  There are Service Area Schedules for the Utility Master Plan back on October 18, 2005 along with a copy of the Agenda from the same night.  There is an interstate Node map showing some preliminary thoughts of where the system may grow in the future to the South of Town.  A sewer system map showing the initial sewer lines installed in town finishes off the section.

Mayor Padgett gave Council a map from the engineer of the proposed sewer lines for a new grant cycle.  The Town is working with our Engineer on the process of Readiness to Proceed. .   The grant cycle should open again in January or February.  Mayor Padgett wants to have a Grant Education 101 to explain the grant in better detail to Council.  She briefly explained some points available for grant scores.

Annexation section contains a chart where Council had looked at a possible annexation area.  A map for preliminary utility service area for expanding utility services both within and outside of the Town dated 10/24/2005 as well as a map showing the current limits along with ideas of where Town limit expansions could possibly be.  A sample brochure and ballot for vote for annexation are included.  Information on Annexation criteria along with criteria for voluntary annexation and involuntary annexation.

Merger/Consolidation with Macclenny has nothing in the section.  Mayor Padgett briefly explained that Council had mentioned the possibility of merging with the City of Macclenny, but never went anywhere with it.

Paving and Drainage includes a letter from Mittauer & Associates discussing a draining and paving improvements study.  A Roadway Map dated May 17, 2007 and procedures for street closures and Resolution #2005-03 are also included.  Mayor Padgett told Council a prior County Commissioner had made the suggestion in the past to hire a consultant to check when paving so they can oversee the paving project.  This expense would be part of the cost of paving.  The Town has two roads in need of repaving.

Employee Handbook section was looked over next.  Mayor briefly mentioned the upcoming 2016 holiday schedule to be updated.

Investments showed the most recent Certificate of Deposit list as well as a Cash Analysis showing where funds have been spent between June 30, 2004 and June of 2009.  Mayor Padgett briefly explained the cash analysis was done several years ago.  A lot of the money was spent on water and sewer.  She also stated that no money has been used since 2009.

Ad Valorem Taxes/ Occupational License includes copies of the Town’s current 2015/2016 budgets for the Town’s General Operating Fund, Water/Sewer Utility Fund, Capacity Fund, and Impact Fee Account.  It also has a copy of an Agreement Authorizing Contributions to Secular Non-Profit Community Agencies dated back from the 2005/2006 budget year.

Town Development Committee had no documents.

Economic Development Committee included a mission statement for Council preparing to set up a committee.  This mission statement was established years ago.  Currently, there aren’t any active committees.

Effectiveness of the Council includes Our Commitment to our Community, which was established years ago.  It lists the expectations of a Council Member.

Land Development Code includes a Zoning map dated August 23, 2007 as well as a copy of the Town’s Land Development Regulations dated November 18, 2003.  We use Mr. Tony Robbins with Prosser & Hallock. This section also includes a copy of Ordinance number 2011-01 relating to slot machines and sweepstakes establishments.

Envision Glen is a booklet put together several years ago by many residents of the area. 

Town Clean-up include two letters drafted up that notified residents and businesses of code enforcement policies that were to be established several years ago.  Town Clerk has done the code enforcement for the past several years, but Mayor Padgett is looking into having the County officer to do ours by way of interlocal agreement with the County.  Council had a brief mobile home discussion.

Mayor Padgett closed the workshop at 7:43 P.M.

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