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September 3, 2020 - Workshop

The Town of Glen St. Mary held a workshop on Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 6:05 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Member McCullough, Councilman Oca, Council Member Reneau, and Councilman Rhynehardt present.  Mayor Amanda Hodgesasked Council member Reneau to lead in prayer followed by the pledge of allegiance.  Mayor Hodges addressed Council saying over the past few weeks, it hasn’t set well that she would set a budget that Mr. Rhynehardt would be working within next year and she just felt she should go ahead and resign.  She submitted her resignation letter and asked the Council to accept it so the Town could move forward.  She wanted no dramatic exit and just wants everyone to be able to function.  She added that Steve has worked hard the last few months to learn the job.  Attorney Bense questioned taking the Oath of Office, to which Mrs. Hodges replied that she had not taken an oath when it last switched over.  Attorney Bense stated the Mayor has different duties so he would feel better to have Councilman Rhynehardt take a Mayoral Oath.  After taking the Mayoral Oath, Mayor Rhynehardt then presided over the workshop. 


The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the current and upcoming budgets with Council.


Mayor Rhynehardt had packets ready for Council that included notes for accounting lines explaining if it had more or less revenues and why.  He began with the 2019/2020 Proposed Amended General Operating account.  The two biggest changes were maintenance payroll which was attributed to the lack of maintenance hours worked and the donated truck that needed a lot more work done than first thought.  Ms. Padgett commented that the truck could be moved to the transportation repairs and maintenance line.


Council then reviewed the 2019/2020 Water and Sewer Proposed Amended budget followed by the 2020/2021 Water and Sewer Proposed budget.  They used the notes that went along with each accounting line that pointed out various changes.


Council also reviewed the 2019/2020 Proposed Amended Capacity Fee budget followed by the 2020/2021 Proposed Capacity Fee budget, again following along with the notes for the accounting lines.


Mayor Rhynehardt then told Council he has spoken with the Fire Chief to ask about testing to make sure our six-inch line will be sufficient to support the RV park’s water demands.


Council member Reneau asked about the maintenance ad and suggested checking with other companies or with our Engineer Tim Norman about other options.  Attorney Bense stated the Town may have to solicit bids for continued maintenance because of the cost.  Council then revisited the City of Macclenny could assist the Town for 90 days, but we need to see what they will actually do.  We have to go out and check each one as our water meters are not automated like Macclenny’s are.  We have backed off of that because of the negativity, but we need to get a list of services that would be provided, should we have to go that route.  The water plant would be the only part outsourced.  Ms. Padgett told Council if the Town does contract with the City of Macclenny they have several personnel for coverage.  Council member Reneau told Council she is hearing complaints about the maintenance workers and wanted to be sure both are working and not jut one doing all the work.  Mayor Rhynehardt responded that each works at different speeds.  He told Council about the wildcat lift station being pulled three times before finding it had corrosion and the pumps are so old, we are having trouble getting parts to repair them.  He is anticipating in the next two budgets to replace them.  Council member McCullough asked for clarification that we can check with other companies for services, but if it is over $2,000 we would require a contract.  Attorney Bense replied if the cost is over $2,000 per year, it would require bids.  Councilman Oca suggested trying to get someone more local.  Council was curious if they would just do maintenance or just what they would cover.  Mayor Rhynehardt told Council he is open to any suggestions and he will check into them.  It may take a local plumber three days or so to get to some requests.  He told Council the ad being run in the paper was Matt’s idea.  He added the two maintenance employees worked fine together fine, but this week, not so much.  He has had a meeting with Will explaining things form a list set up for Monday thru Friday and that sometimes the schedule gets changed due to circumstances or other things come up.  He gave an example of edging and weed eating one block taking eleven hours and DOT was due to come and inspect us.  Council member McCullough stated maybe Matt is looking for someone more proactive.  Ms. Padgett told Council we have always started them at $11 and then when they show initiative, increase their pay.  Council member Reneau told Council she saw Matt sitting on the cart while Will got off and checked the water meters.  Mayor Rhynehardt replied that Matt is writing the meter reading s down on the report that can’t get wet.  He added he is going out several times a day to see what progress is being made by each employee.  He told Council Will has been late four days in the past week.  Adding after being fifteen minutes late, it took him forty-five more minutes to get out the gate.  He has started coming in early to see when they actually get here.  He told Council he didn’t know as a council member, but as the Mayor he sees a lot goes on here.  Council member asked if we would adjust their hours for the winter.  Council members had several concerns including the pay rate as well as experience.  The edging wasn’t done last month and the longer it goes, the harder it will be to get it done.  Weed eating and edging is to be done in the morning s until ten or eleven and then come in and mow.  That hasn’t been done.  Councilman Oca asked if Will isn’t able to adapt.  Mayor Rhynehardt responded that if he tells him something, the next thing he says is he doesn’t know.  Council member McCullough asked if we have looked at lawn care companies.  Mr. Foster had asked and some wanted no part of it and it wasn’t properly bid out.  Ms. Padgett stated perhaps the Town could be broken up in quads and bid out.  The Sheriff’s office can only send inmates once per month and can only pick up trash.  Council member McCullough asked to see maps showing areas where things needed to be done.  We have maps broken down in quads.  Mondays are trash and limb pick up day.  Ms. Padgett stated that one person out edging and shoveling alone gets monotonous.  Two people doing it goes along faster.  Mayor Rhynehardt told Council the assistant would need to be on hold for now.  He would love to take the most qualified, but doesn’t see how we can afford it.  Ms. Padgett felt we need to have someone to learn the job.  Council member Reneau stated she thought we were going to take it out of the Mayor’s salary.  Mayor Rhynehardt responded that at $12 per hour, they would still need to find $2,000 to cover the payroll.  He added that was based on the Mayor not doing anything at all.  He added if the current Mayor gives up his salary to hire someone, it would limit what he does.  Ms. Padgett said she would panic if she was Mayor and Donna left.  It will take several months of hands on working to learn bill outs and other utility billing functions.  Town Clerk Loadholtz will send the assistant resumes to Council members to review.  She showed a few spreadsheets showing payroll possibilities.  In looking at the 512 accounting section of the budget Council member McCullough stated that with an active Mayor, the numbers are hard numbers.  The maintenance section of the budget reflects a $1 raise for the second maintenance employee as an incentive.  Also one quarter of Matt’s salary is paid out of Water/Sewer.  If Council thinks of any questions about the budgets, they can contact the Clerk and she can answer them.


On a motion by Council member Reneau, second by Councilman Oca the workshop was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

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