Town of Glen St. Mary 

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August 19, 2014 - Workshop

The Town of Glen St. Mary held a Workshop on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 6:00 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Members Davis, Foster, Reneau, and Rhynehardt present. Mayor Padgett presided over the workshop.


The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the remaining Town budgets that were not covered in the previous workshop.


Mayor Padgett began with the proposed amended Water/Sewer budget for 2013/2014. She told Council the column on the right shows any changes in the budget items, noting there were several adjustments.  Mayor Padgett gave a quick run through each item.  She pointed out to Council that some tap fee expenses incurred before Council implemented the charges for new water or sewer connections.  Councilman Reneau asked about the USDA payment and Mayor Padgett responded that the payment amount varies from year to year.  Mayor Padgett stated that if the tap fees had been in place earlier, the Town would have been at her goal of 95% for our budget expenses. 


The proposed Water/Sewer budget for 2014/2015 was estimated based on the current year with the proposed increase from the rate study. Tap fees for one new house is being projected.  The other income revenues are to remain the same.  Council asked about the tap fees.  Mayor Padgett explained that all homes in Town are connected to water, so only a new home being built would require connection that would cost $1,000 in capacity fees and the tap fee as well.  Mayor Padgett then pointed out that 25% of Matt Torgerson’s salary will be paid out of Water/Sewer since he is now licensed.  Other expenses were adjusted based on the need or lack of need for some items that were purchased this year.  She also pointed out the tap fees equal the tap fees from the income. 


Mayor Padgett then began discussing the proposed amended General Operating budget for 2013/2014. She again pointed out the differences column on the right and briefly went through the items.  She explained that Tommy Ott left earlier than expected and the Town received a grant that paid for half for new tires and rims that were badly needed on the Town’s dump truck. 


Council then began looking at the proposed General Operating budget for 2014/2015. The state projects the revenue for the Local Option Gas Tax, Discretionary Sales Tax, Communications Sales Tax, State Shared Sales Tax, and the Half-Cent Sales Tax.  All these figures came from the State’s website.  A new estimated expense is for the Town to purchase a limb thumb for the backhoe to ease the task of picking up limbs around Town.  Mayor Padgett gave Council a quick tally of how much time maintenance was spending picking up limbs and how much it was costing the Town.  We will be saving $5,000 of our Local Option Gas Tax.  Mayor Padgett went to the County and met with several officials to discuss the Interlocal Agreement that had been in place for many years.  The Town is able to do some of its own work now and would like to keep some of the money that has been given to the County for such repairs in the past years.  An Addendum to the current Agreement and the Town will retain $5,000 beginning the current Fiscal Budget year of 2013/2014. Payments are made based on the previous years’ income.  The Town still needs the County to do some things so a split was agreed upon.  Mayor Padgett then turned her attention to personal services.  She told Council that the last raise was given ten years ago, but that everyone had a cut in pay six years ago.  Maintenance personal services will see a savings based on paying 25% of Matt Torgeson’s salary out of Water/Sewer. Council did not have a problem giving employees a raise.


Mayor Padgett wants to see how to set future money aside for paving and equipment. The County is getting a grant that will pave Madison Street, which is used by the schools.  Mayor Padgett is thinking about setting $10,000 aside each year.  Councilman Reneau said that is not going to go far in the paving business.  Mayor Padgett is thinking more of saving the money for three or four years and then use it to do some paving.  She wants to find a way that it will not show as taking from reserves.  Council is okay to set aside $10,000 aside.


The workshop was adjourned at 6:33 P.M.

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