Town of Glen St. Mary 

Florida's Outstanding Rural Community of the Year-2004

October 18, 2016

The Town of Glen St. Mary held the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council MembersDavis, Hodges, and Rhynehardt present. Mayor Juanice Padgett presided over the meeting. Council Member Davis opened with prayer followed by the flag salute.  Councilman Foster was not in attendance.  Mayor Padgett told Council he was having a heart cath the next day.


Note: These meeting minutes are a summarized version of the actual discussions at the meeting. These are not verbatim transcripts. For a complete audio recording of the discussion please contact Donna Loadholtz at


Minutes: Consideration:

  1. Approval of minutes of September 20, 2016 – Regular Monthly Meeting: On a motion by Councilman Rhynehardt, second by Council member Hodges, the Board voted to approve theminutes as presented. (Vote 4-0)

    Policy Agenda Items:

    1. Status of CDBG Grant – Mayor Padgett told Council we should get the contract in this month to sign. We would then have to bid out for the Grant Coordinator and Engineer. We would then have to wait for the permitting. The project should start next year. With the CDBG grant, the contractor submits a bill to us, we submit the bill for approval, then the money is deposited into our account and then we pay the contractor.

    2. Status of St. Johns Water Management District Cost Sharing Project – Mayor Padgett told Council with the St. Johns funding we have to pay the bill, then submit our receipt for re-imbursement. She stated we would have to get a loan, but she had an idea come to mind one night, we could pull money from different areas and avoid a loan. She then showed Council a spreadsheet showing the money we have in the bank as of year-end since 2013 for both General Operating and Water/Sewer. She recommended taking $100,000 from CD’s, $50,000 from General Operating, and $25,000 from Water/Sewer. She told Council we have to keep the $65,000 CD for the one year payment of the Rural Development payment. Council member Hodges asked if we would take all the money at one time or as needed. Mayor Padgett responded we would take it as needed and keep a record of account the money came from to re-pay monies when we were done. The bank could be a series of withdrawals from the loans, but Mayor Padgett would rather not have to go through that process.


      Mayor Padgett recognized Mr. Steven Bryner for sitting in on our Town meeting. Also Mr. Geoffrey Sample was present to inform the Council of a surplus of equipment that we are able to participate in. He also told Council about a website they could go to for review until December 5th.


    3. Review Prior Month’s Expenditures (Check Register) – Council member Hodges asked if we had replaced Darwin Taylor. Mayor Padgett stated yes, we hired George Swain. Each interviewer is graded on an interview sheet. Council member Davis asked if maintenance had picked up the limbs along County Road 125. Mayor Padgett responded they were picked up today. Mayor Padgett added that she has told maintenance to make sure Highway 90, County Road 125, and George Taber Boulevard are picked up first because they are the main roads through Town. Council had no other questions about the prior month’s expenditures.


      Councilman Rhynehardt thanked Council for the flowers that were sent to his mother-in-law’s funeral.


      On a motion by Councilman Rhynehardt, second by Council member Davis the Town meeting was adjourned at 7:14 P.M.

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