Town of Glen St. Mary 

Florida's Outstanding Rural Community of the Year-2004

August 16, 2016 - Workshop

The Town of Glen St. Mary held a budget workshop on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 7:06 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Members Davis, Foster,Hodges, and Rhynehardt present. Mayor Juanice Padgett presided over the workshop.


The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the Town’s budgets.


Mayor Padgett began with the 2015/2016 Proposed Amended Impact Fee budget. She told Council she had budgeted for one new home for both income and expense and was leaving it the same for the 2016 2017 Proposed Impact Fee budget.

She then moved to the 2015/2016 Proposed Amended Capacity Fee budget. It is also based on one new home for water and one new home and an existing home for sewer. We had three new homes for water and four existing homes for sewer.  We also paid the initial $49,000 for Readiness to Proceed in the current budget year.  The 2016/2017 Proposed Capacity Fee budget mirrors the current year, but with a Readiness to Proceed payment of $8,000. 

Mayor Padgett went on to discuss the 2015/2016 Proposed Amended Water/Sewer Account. The revenues were adjusted to reflect three water and four sewer tap fees.  Fees to Macclenny was adjusted due to the lift station having a problem with the meter.  After it was repaired, the meter reading caught up from low readings in prior months going into the prior year.  Communications are now bundled with the new company we changed to last year.  Utility Services are more than anticipated.  Repairs and maintenance is more due to our water system being ten years old and starting to need more repairs.  We had an eight inch line leaking.  We could not determine who was at fault, but had to get it repaired.  We have also had problems with the well meter and alarm system.  Office supplies were more than anticipated.  Office equipment reflects the purchase of a new printer that was split between the Water/Sewer Account and General Operating accounts.

Mayor Padgett then discussed the 2015/2016 Proposed Amended General Operating Account. Mayor Padgett told Council most of the tax revenues are set by the state.  The Legislative increase reflects the reimbursement of mileage to the ethics training class.  The Executive Personnel category reflects vacation time paid out from last year and miscalculation of retirement.  Executive repairs and maintenance reflects the purchase of a new battery backup for the computer and computer repairs.  Other Current Charges reflects the notary renewal fee, mileage expenses and recording fees for the roadway quit-claim deeds.  Office supplies includes the purchase of checks and Quickbooks software.  We purchased a new printer within the Executive Office Equipment category.  The Other General Personnel categories reflect increases due to vacation time paid out.  Other Government – Other Current Charges was increased to cover the removal of two pine trees behind the fire station.  Capital Outlay reflects the roof materials costing more than originally anticipated.  Local Options Gas Tax is mandated by the state and we received more than originally estimated.

Mayor Padgett closed the budget workshop at 7:22 P.M.

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