Town of Glen St. Mary 

Florida's Outstanding Rural Community of the Year-2004

August 21, 2012 - Workshop

The Town of Glen St. Mary held a Workshop on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, at 7:40 P.M. at the Town Hall with Council Members Davis, Foster, Reneau, and Rhynehardt present.  Mayor Padgett presided over the workshop. 

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the budgets.  She explained there would be a proposed amended budget for the current year and then a proposed budget for the upcoming year.

Mayor Padgett began with the Proposed Community Development Block Grant Budget.  This budget is the remainder of funds for the CDBG Grant.  Mayor Padgett explained the $7,000 listed under leverage money.  The sewer was all Town leverage money.  Mayor Padgett told Council we are hoping to get the final check from the grant coordinator before October 1st so we can close out this bank account.

Mayor Padgett then addressed the Proposed Amended Impact Fee Budget for 2011/2012.  Mayor Padgett explained since there is a moratorium on all impact fees except for schools, we decided to go ahead and pay out the impact fees from our account.  They were received in the past five years and are to be paid within six years.  The budget was adjusted to meet these payouts.  The Proposed Impact Fee Budget for 2012/2013 is based on one new home.

The Capacity Fee Budget for 2011/2012 was also based on one new home.  Mayor Padgett told Council the Town had several sewer connections made to the utility system.  The Town is anticipating two more sewer connections for the upcoming budget year.  The Proposed Capacity Fee Budget for 2011/2012 is based on one new home and two sewer connections.

The Proposed Amended General Operating Budget for 2011/2012 reflects a decrease in revenues.  Mayor Padgett explained we transferred money to pay for paving.  We had used a tool from the Department of Revenue’s website to figure revenues.  Mayor Padgett touched on a few expenses including the legislative, when there was a month between Council member Lamb stepping down and Council Member Davis being sworn in.  Council was added to the regular payroll in January, causing the FICA to be added to the budget items since January.  Personal Services was increased due to vacation time being paid out in lieu of taking time off.  The copier will save about half of its prior cost.   Other Government – Personal Services was also increased due to vacation time being paid out in lieu of taking time vacation.  The Council agreed there are no funds for contributions this year.  The Proposed General Operating Budget for 2012/2013 is based on the Department of Revenue’s projected figures.

Council then began discussing the 2011/2012 Proposed Amended Water/Sewer Utility Budget.  Mayor Padgett told Council the security deposits are up due to the new customers.  The new customers did not hook up as soon as we had anticipated.  We did have a few new sewer connections increasing our fees to Macclenny.  The Lincoln Avenue sewer project was hooked up.  $35,000 was transferred for CDBG leverage funds and $11,000 was transferred to General Operating for paving.  Mayor Padgett told Council she feels at this point the Town does not need to do any more for a while and see where we are with our revenues.  She reminded Council they have discussed in the past of paying an employee out of the water/sewer account, but does not feel the Town is ready to do that at this time.   The 2012/2013 Proposed Water/Sewer Utility Budget reflects an increase in revenues from added customers with the completion of the CDBG Grant.

The Town’s engineer has given an estimation of $60,000 for readiness to proceed with sewer for the North part of Town.  Mayor Padgett feels it may not take that much if it is bid out to other engineers.  The Town could also spread the cost out over two years.

Mayor asked if the Council had any questions.  She added she wants to head in the direction of getting sewer on the North side of Town as the next project for the Town.

The workshop was adjourned at 8:35 P.M.

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